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Delving deeper-The Therapeutic Power of Beanbags for Children with Autism

For children with autism, creating a safe and inclusive environment is crucial. Many sensory experiences can be overwhelming for them, making it necessary to provide them with calming and therapeutic tools. In recent years, beanbags have emerged as a popular choice for children with autism due to their sensory benefits. In this blog, we explore the therapeutic power of beanbags and how they can positively impact children with autism.

1. Sensory Integration Therapy:

Beanbags provide a valuable tool for sensory integration therapy, a method used to help individuals with autism process sensory information effectively. By using beanbags, children with autism can engage in activities like throwing, catching, and sitting, which can improve body awareness, coordination, and balance. The soft, flexible texture of beanbags also provides a gentle tactile experience, promoting sensory exploration and helping children self-regulate.

2. Proprioceptive and Vestibular Stimulation:

Children with autism often experience challenges with their proprioceptive and vestibular systems, which play vital roles in body awareness and balance. Beanbags can be used to provide proprioceptive input through activities like lifting, tossing, and stacking, helping children develop a better sense of their body in space. Additionally, beanbags can also offer vestibular stimulation, encouraging gentle rocking or spinning motions that can have a calming effect on children with autism.

3. Comfort and Security:

Beanbags offer a cozy and secure seating option for children with autism. Their soft and conforming nature makes them comfortable to sit or lie on, providing a gentle cradle-like sensation. This can greatly benefit children who struggle with restlessness or have difficulty finding a comfortable position. The familiarity and support provided by beanbags create a soothing environment that can help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

4. Emotional Regulation:

Children with autism often find it challenging to manage their emotions and regulate their responses in different situations. Beanbags can be incorporated into calming or self-soothing techniques, allowing children to focus on the comforting sensation provided by hugging, squeezing, or pressing against them. This can help children with autism regulate their emotions, lower stress levels, and restore a sense of emotional balance.

5. Social Interaction and Communication:

Beanbags can also be used as a valuable tool to encourage social interaction and communication among children with autism. Engaging in cooperative activities such as passing or throwing beanbags fosters shared experiences and promotes the development of social skills. In addition, incorporating visual aids, such as colored beanbags or specific patterns, can enhance communication and language development.


Beanbags have demonstrated their therapeutic power for children with autism, providing a multitude of physical, sensory, and emotional benefits. These versatile tools have the potential to create a calming and inclusive environment, aiding in sensory processing, emotional regulation, social interaction, and communication skills. As we continue to understand and support children with autism, beanbags prove to be a practical and valuable addition to their sensory toolkit.

Added benefits of our vegan leather beanbags include being very easy to clean, simply wipe with a cloth. No need to have to take them away from your child for a day in the washing machine and dryer, as this can be traumatic for some children who can't bare to part with their beloved beanbag. Also, all of our beanbags have handy handles that make it super easy for little hands to take from place to place.

Please note- For some autistic children who are hypersensitive to sound, the rustling noise of beans inside a beanbag can be overwhelming. If this is the case for your child, you can fill the beanbag cover insert with a mix of beans and chopped up foam or just chopped up foam. Or a wonderful alternative to a beanbag is one of our Daydreamer Pillow mats, these are filled with your choice of 4 standard sized pillows, and they don't produce a sound, but still have the same benefits as a beanbag, only they're a bit heavier and can't easily be thrown, they do make excellent crash mats though!

Remember, it is always important to consult with therapists, educators, or other professionals to tailor beanbag interventions to each child's specific needs. With their support and the therapeutic benefits of beanbags, we can create a more nurturing environment for children with autism to thrive.

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