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pillow mat and bean bag


Play Mats & Soft Furnishings by Softly Summer

Softly Summer is a Mum run small business, born in Burleigh Heads on Queensland’s Gold Coast. What started as a creative hobby on the side (while teaching Grade 1), quickly became a full-time and much loved occupation.

At Softly Summer, we want children to grow, learn and play freely in a safe and supportive environment. We believe in creating beautiful, easy clean, versatile, and sustainable products that will be used every day and become your most loved baby and children’s items. Our play mats and soft furnishings are some kind of magic, and we are so happy to share that magic with you. x

The idea for Softly Summer padded play mats came about when we, as a family, were unable to find a padded play mat that provided what we wanted for our home. As an active family with two young children, we were looking for a play mat that looked appealing at the same time as providing a soft, safe space on our tiled floors for our children to play on. Unable to find exactly what we wanted on the market, we decided to design our own padded play mats and the Softly Summer brand was born. Since then our children have grown and so has our range of products, and we've fallen in love with soft furnishings and Vegan Leather.

"As an active, health-conscious family, it was important to us that our padded play mats and soft furnishings are easy to keep clean, super soft and environmentally friendly"

We also love neutral decor & soft furnishings that don't need to be packed away after play, exercise or dance practice. Our beach-inspired designs came from our love of the beach, and the desire to bring a summery, chilled out vibe to our living space. With palm leaves and dreamy soft coastal hues in mind, we selected a neutral palette which means our baby and children’s play mats and soft furnishings compliment your home decor.


play mat and bean bags

Inspired by our littlest loves...

Our two children Charlie and Summer (now teenagers 😳), use our padded play mats for everything from wrestling to cart-wheels and hand stands to dance practice! They used to store toys in their gather sacks and now use them for sleep overs and beach days with their friends. The addition of our Island bean bags and Daydreamer pillow mats is a dream come true for them, they can now laze about with their friends wherever they like, indoors or outdoors they always have a comfy place to be. 

Our only regret is not starting the business when our kids were babies!