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Play Mat for Babies | Play Mat for Toddlers | Play Mat for Kids – We’ve got you covered!

Here at Softly Summer, we’re play mat experts! We live and breathe all things PLAY MAT!

Our bags (Gather Sacks) are play mats, our pillow mats are play mats, our bean bags can be play mats, and of course our play mats are play mats!!

Read on for a brief overview of our Gather Sacks®, Bean Bags and Pillow Mats-

     duple play mat bag, lego play mat bag, play mat storage bag     Play mat storage bag, Lego play mat bag Australia, Play mat that folds into a bag

Gather Sack™ -  Simple Toy Storage Solution

Our Gather Sacks are made to ‘Play, Gather, Go!'

  • Babies, toddlers & kids play mat - Great for trips out and about, sleep overs and incredible for airports.
  • Play Mat storage bag for toys to be contained during play and for easy clean up.
  • Gather up the toys - Epic Lego play mat bag, and/or Duplo play mat bag.
  • Versatile, take anywhere play mats that fold into a bag
  • Play Mat drawstring to hold everything together- Toy storage for kids.
  • Toy storage drawstring bag- Easy pack up.
  • Large handles for hanging- Great for toy storage in small spaces. 


 kids bean bag chairs, bean bags for toddlers little kids bean bag chairs kids bean bags, toddler bean bags, kids bean bag chairs

Island Bean Bags

Softly Summer kids bean bag chairs, are the best! Lay them flat like a floor cushion or sit them up like a chair/lounger. Our children's bean bag chairs are the perfect size for toddlers to pull around from room to room with their generous sized handle.

Our Bean Bags are made from premium quality Silicon based vegan leather, making them water, stain and UV resistant. Perfect for toddlers sticky fingers and indoor/outdoor use!

Are bean bags good for toddlers? Yes they are! They're amazing for play time and rest time (amazing in reading nooks) and make a great addition to obstacle courses! They're also brilliant for gross motor exercise- toddlers crawl, pull and climb over them using all of their muscle groups.

Little kid bean bag chairs are the best!

Are bean bags safe for babies? Softly Summer Bean Bags adhere to Australian Safety Standards. Featuring cotton inserts to put the beans inside- both the insert and the bean bag cover feature child safety zips and warning tags. Bean Bags are not intended for babies to sleep on. Babies should be supervised by an adult at all times.

Island Bean bags are versatile, fun, soft and eco friendly, the perfect addition to your home! Island Bean bags are the best kids’ room bean bag chairs!


kids bean bag lounger, pillow mat   Kids bean bag lounger, pillow mat kids bean bag lounger, pillow mat

Daydreamer Pillow Mats

Pillow mats are next level kids loungers!

A Bean Bag lounger without the beans!

Fill the cover with 4 standard sized pillows, if you're wanting them to be filled to their maximum- firm, high loft is best, or recycle old pillows- try squeezing two old flat pillows into one section to fill it out.

Easy for kids to move around & features a generous sized handle perfect for little hands. Our pillow mat loungers have a versatile design that allows the pillow sections to be folded up in different ways- see some examples in the photos below...

No need for machine washing! Made from silicon based vegan leather, they are soft & supple, yet very durable, stain, uv and water resistant. No need to worry about mess as it wipes straight off! Even ball point pen comes off these beauties with ease (put away the permanent markers though people!)

Practical, gorgeous and easy to clean- You cannot go wrong with a Daydreamer pillow mat!


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